Past Creations

We have a couple of pieces that we truly love... a coffee mug with just the right heft for this coffee lover, and a bowl that everyone in my family fights over. We will be purchasing more!
— Marcie G.
I had a special mug made for my father with his home state of NY and his current residence in Auburn. He was so touched. Very special and Kara made sure it was perfect. I have also loved our beautiful bowl on display.
— Kristin J.
Absolutely love my large blue and orange bowl. Holds snack time just about every night.
— Deke L.
You know how you have that one mug that makes your coffee just seem better well now I have two! One has my home state of SC on it and just makes my heart smile. I can’t prove it but I’m pretty sure it makes my coffee taste better because it’s in such a pretty mug! Also gave one as a gift to my Mom and she loves it!
— Jane T.
I have three of your pieces—a mug, a bowl and a small serving dish. I love all of them. I’ll be back for more when I need a unique gift for somebody special.
— Marylin B.
I was gifted a bowl and I use it for granola, ice cream, etc. It is the perfect size! I purchased a coffee mug with the state of Alabama for my mother in law. She loves it!
— Brooke B.
I have multiple pieces and all are gorgeous. My favorite is a berry bowl that is not only beautiful but dishwasher safe!
— Kate F.
I adore my prep bowls and mixing bowl. Use them all the time!
— Lori C.

See something you love? Interested in a commission?